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E-Garden Almanac: October 2008

E-Garden Almanac

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Herbaceous Perennials Saturday

I know it's been a while since I last wrote. In fact I never really finished up my stories about GWA-2008 in Portland. The last two days were spent touring nurseries and gardens in Eugene, OR (including the famous Northwest Garden Nursery which is quite possibly one of the best gardens I've ever seen) and perusing the "inner sanctum" of Terra Nova Nurseries. Great fun on both days. To see photos and read a little about more about GWA, check out my friend Judy Glattstein's website here.

But I write today to encourage all of you in Iowa or nearby to consider attending THE Midwest gardening symposium of the year. Herbaceous Perennials Saturday began 10 years ago as the brainchild of my college advisor Cindy Haynes. The event is a superb chance for gardeners to learn about the latest and greatest perennials, how to use them, and why, and to share fellowship with gardeners from across the region. It will be held November 8 on the campus of Iowa State University in the Scheman Building. Register today by clicking here!

This year's speaking lineup includes:
William Cullina, Coastal Maine Botanical Garden
Trudi Temple
Gary Whittenbaugh, Iowa Master Gardener
Kelly Norris, Rainbow Iris Farm (<=that's me!)
Denny Schrock, Meredith Publishing

I've been attending HPS since I was a junior in high school (remember, my plant affliction started early). It's an absolute must attend event and with gas down to $1.99 (at least here in central Iowa), there's hardly an excuse not to attend! Hope to see you there!