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E-Garden Almanac: January 2007

E-Garden Almanac

The E-Garden Almanac is the push-button, real human journal of Kelly D. Norris. All errors, grammatic grievances, and opinions are that of the author. Kelly is a freelance writer and Master Gardener from southwest Iowa. His passion and obsession with horticulture, plants, and gardening embodies nearly every function of his life. The E-Garden Almanac serves as the web extension of his columns, articles, and lectures.
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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Links to other articles on Amsonia

As an addendum to my column there are a couple of great articles on blue stars on the Internet:

Good reading,

Monday, January 22, 2007

How do your irises grow?

First of all, thanks to the attentive members of the Founders Garden Club of Des Moines. It was truly a pleasure to speak to your group on January 16.

As a follow-up to that lecture, I offer the following links as great sources of information for irises:

Bearded Irises:
Rainbow Iris Farm
American Iris Society (Have you joined yet?)
GardenWeb list on Irises
Irises @

Japanese (Ensata) Irises:
The Society for Japanese Irises
ISU Horticulture & Home Pest News

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My personal website, has been updated to include my current 2007 lecturing engagements as well as new information about the programs I am available to lecture on. As spring approaches do consider having me as a guest speaker to your club or at your function. Here's what some audience members from recent presentations have been saying:

"Kelly's enthusiasm is contagious."
"His energy, talent, and knowledge is an asset to the gardening world."
"I wish it was spring! Kelly has inspired me to get out and dig!"

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