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E-Garden Almanac: Thanks to Fort Dodge!

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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Thanks to Fort Dodge!

My thanks to the 120+ gardeners that turned out on a cold, wet day yesterday for my lecture at the Fort Dodge Area Gardeners' Spring Seminar. What a great group of energetic and spirited folks! You inspired me with your smiles, ideas, and thoughts of spring.

Thanks also to Hans Madsen at the Fort Dodge Messenger for writing this article about the event. I really believe that the more people see and hear about gardening, the more it will become a habit of our society instead of just a hobby.

Best wishes to this fine group of green thumbs on future conferences and endeavors!


Blogger Carol said...

I was there with my daughter and my niece. I really enjoyed your presentation on irises. I only knew the basic Siberian type - there are emotional ties (we lost a puppy, who was buried in the iris patch, when I was a kid).

I'm thinking about growing some irises, but I've got time to research and decide, since they should be planted in the fall. ;-)

2:25 PM, March 10, 2009  

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