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The E-Garden Almanac is the push-button, real human journal of Kelly D. Norris. All errors, grammatic grievances, and opinions are that of the author. Kelly is a freelance writer and Master Gardener from southwest Iowa. His passion and obsession with horticulture, plants, and gardening embodies nearly every function of his life. The E-Garden Almanac serves as the web extension of his columns, articles, and lectures.
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Sunday, February 24, 2008


My recent column in Garden & Greenhouse is about e-gardening and the many resources that exist in the virtual garden known as the Internet. Rife with potential and ideas, the Internet is my proverbial garden during the melancholy days of winter. Collectively my column and this post will do nothing to suffice for the trove of information that exists but here are some additional resources that I thought you might find helpful:

Kathy Purdy of has been kind enough to compile a list of garden blogs on the Internet. It can be found here. Enough said; it's an exhaustive listing.

Favorite plant sources:
Here are a few that if you haven't already checked out, you should.
Plant Delights Nursery
Seneca Hill Perennials
Arrowhead Alpines
LaPorte Avenue Nursery
Gardens North
Odyssey Bulbs
Sunshine Farm & Gardens
Bluestone Perennials
Squaw Mountain Gardens
Hollingsworth Peony Nursery
Rainbow Iris Farm--shameless self-promotion

Plant organizations worthy checking out:
In no particular order, some worthy plant specialist organizations include:
American Iris Society
American Hosta Society
American Hemerocallis Society
American Peony Society
American Horticultural Society
African Violet Society of America
American Fern Society

Others are listed here in a tremendous directory.

Other online resources:
A few that couldn't fit in elsewhere:
ISU Extension's Horticulture & Home Pest News
OSU Horticulture & Crop Science Extension Resources

Happy e-gardening! If you stumble across additional resources that you think should be mentioned, drop me an email and I'll post them here.


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