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E-Garden Almanac: Notes on the New Year

E-Garden Almanac

The E-Garden Almanac is the push-button, real human journal of Kelly D. Norris. All errors, grammatic grievances, and opinions are that of the author. Kelly is a freelance writer and Master Gardener from southwest Iowa. His passion and obsession with horticulture, plants, and gardening embodies nearly every function of his life. The E-Garden Almanac serves as the web extension of his columns, articles, and lectures.
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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Notes on the New Year

With the New Year comes new changes here at the E-Garden Almanac. Within the next few days, this blog will be hosted at my newly updated website This blog address ( will redirect to the new subdomain at I'd encourage you to update your bookmarks accordingly or just signup for my web feed by subscribing at left.

If your group is in search of a speaker for your next show, conference, or meeting, I really hope you'd consider giving me a call. A complete list of topics I currently lecture on is available at my website above under Speaking Engagements. I'm eager to work with your group and interact with gardeners across the country.

One of the magazines to which I contribute, Garden & Greenhouse to be exact, has revamped its website. Click on the name to check it out. You can access my current column as well as the columns of fellow contributing editors like Ann Hooper and Barbara Sue Schubert. An archive of previous articles is also available for your perusal.

I hope this New Year finds you well, even if it is only day three. 2008 is going to be a great year in the garden. I can feel it. Here's a belated toast (beverage=your choice) to armloads of flowers, an abundant harvest, and trowels full of joy this gardening season!


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