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E-Garden Almanac: The Party in Bakersville

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Party in Bakersville

This past weekend, August 5-6, I had the good fortune of speaking at the Baker Creek Heirloom Summer Garden Show. I was in the company of fellow raconteurs Doug Olson, Wesley Green, Merlyn Neidens, Len Pense, and Andy Thomas. Doug's book Grow Organic is on my desk and I hope to offer a review (along with several other titles I've been reading) in the coming months. He gave a lively lecture on the benefits of gardening organically and his personality surely has to radiate in his book.

But the party in Bakersville was not limited to a barnhouse (literally) speaking venue. Old-time country musicians filled the air with tunes of yesteryear, and the grounds were fittingly adorned with a medley of vendors offering fruits, and vegetables, of their labors. These two days were a welcome respite from the flurry of activity I've found myself in lately. Peace and calm are two hunted adjectives in life but are staples of the atmosphere in Bakersville, the recreated pioneer town at Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company north of Mansfield, MO. Though warm, the festival was a treat.

So in follow-up to my lectures I offer the following. (Apologies to those who attended for the lateness of this post).
Wandering the Wild Lands
Wow! I had a great time. This was the first opportunity I've had to give this lecture and your attentiveness and engagement made it worthwhile. The handout is posted here. Only yesterday I was given an advanced reading copy of a new book due out in December. If you were interested in the topics I spoke about last Sunday or had your thoughts provoked, this book is for you. This book is delightful! Douglas Tallamy covers many of the same topics that I did on Sunday and does so eloquently and intelligbly. He's a university researcher trained in methods of good science and though I'm not finished with the book I have a feeling we're going to get along just great. The book is called Bringing Nature Home and you can check it out on the publisher's website. It won't be out until December. Christmas gift?

The 20th Century American Garden
My gratitude goes out to the six hearty attendees who beared the heat to listen to the final lecture in the series on Monday. We covered some good ground but a lack of time left us with much uncharted. My advice: keep subscribing (or do so if you haven't) to The Heirloom Gardener. Click here to do so! You'll continue to see my historical profiles in the magazine as well as the other great content that Myrna and staff manage to rangle from crazy garden writers like myself.

Thanks to all for a great party in Bakersville!


Blogger Rebecca said...

I was wishing I could have gone to the Summer Garden Show! I planted about 15 different melon varieties from Baker Creek seed company, in addition to at least 10-15 vegetable varieties. I would have loved to visit.

Green Nutmeg Melon was definitely the best of what I planted in our trial fields.

4:56 PM, September 07, 2007  

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